Cornwall Relocation

Our relocation to Cornwall is complete. Whilst still carrying out consultancy work in London we will be offering our services to new clients in the South West. In particular, we look forward to working with some of the fine churches in the area to provide high quality sound system installation and acoustics advice from ourContinue reading “Cornwall Relocation”

Teaching Space Acoustics

There may be an increase in the use of unusual teaching spaces as schools adapt to new challenges. For instance, the use of sports halls, foyers and other reverberant spaces as classrooms will present acoustic problems. Long reverberation times make it difficult to understand speech if you are more than a metre or two awayContinue reading “Teaching Space Acoustics”

Rooms for Zoom (or Skype or Teams or…)

Enforced working from home has created a surge in the use of online meetings. This is likely to increase the frequency of such meetings in the office environment as we transition to the new normal. At home you do the best you can with the space you have but we have all seen the effectsContinue reading “Rooms for Zoom (or Skype or Teams or…)”

Church Service Streaming

Lots of recent interest about this for obvious reasons. However, the usefulness of live church service streaming will extend beyond COVID-19. It could become a permanent add-on to all services and be available to anyone unable to attend for any reason. Technically it can be as simple as a laptop or iPad (or even yourContinue reading “Church Service Streaming”