Rooms for Zoom (or Skype or Teams or…)

Video camera for meetings

Enforced working from home has created a surge in the use of online meetings. This is likely to increase the frequency of such meetings in the office environment as we transition to the new normal.

At home you do the best you can with the space you have but we have all seen the effects of poor lighting, sound and broadband connections. Back in the office you have an opportunity to make some changes to your conferencing hardware and room environment that will yield benefits in sound and video quality. This will result in more effective communication and less meeting fatigue.

Essential elements that need to be considered are:

  • Lighting
  • Acoustics and audio
  • Hardware
  • Furnishings and room finishes

All of theses can have a significant impact on near and far-end participants’ meeting experience. Get in touch so we can work with you.

Published by Paul Furness

I have over thirty years’ experience in the design and installation of audio visual systems. I have designed and project managed the implementation of systems for corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference facilities as well as classrooms, lecture theatres, halls and churches.

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