Church Service Streaming

Lots of recent interest about this for obvious reasons. However, the usefulness of live church service streaming will extend beyond COVID-19. It could become a permanent add-on to all services and be available to anyone unable to attend for any reason.

Technically it can be as simple as a laptop or iPad (or even your phone!), your existing broadband connection and streaming to a platform such as YouTube or Facebook. Admittedly, quality may not be the best it could be at this end of the scale but an investment in some dedicated hardware and a good broadband connection, along with some advice about sound and lighting, will dramatically improve quality and the viewer’s experience. This simple schematic diagram outlines the basic structure of a streaming facility.

Just recently we have been helping churches to improve the quality of the most simple set-ups by taking a feed from the church sound system and connecting it up to their iPad or laptop. Being able to utilise dedicated microphones at the lectern and pulpit and especially wireless lapel microphones can dramatically improve the sound quality that you stream.

Published by Paul Furness

I have over thirty years’ experience in the design and installation of audio visual systems. I have designed and project managed the implementation of systems for corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference facilities as well as classrooms, lecture theatres, halls and churches.

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